Lame ‘studies’ said smoking used to be good for you?

Science(or more accurately pseudo-science) can be used or manipulated to push the craziest things! Here is an entertaining page with advertisements touting the healthy smoker’s lifestyle. Almost everyone of the ads seems to be recommended by your trusting dentist or doctor.

[From Back when smoking was healthy.] shows just how pseudo-science happens…


On to real science…

I have written in the past about the metric system(check it out here!). Here is a well written article on why the whole world(including the USA) needs to be on the same page.

[From » The Magic of Metric Rocket Scientist]

Lastly, is a story on a new discovery that may one day turn sunlight + water into energy! Kind of cool.

[From Scientists Use A New Catalyst To Generate Hydrogen From Sunlight And Water | Device Daily