The Big Three Taking our Money

The US car companies have been putting out crappy cars for years, and are now asking for the governments to help them out! This is in Canada and the USA. So, when I saw this tongue in cheek ad, I just had to post it! It is so true…


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This is a graphic of the Standard and Poor’s stock index’s annual returns, placing every year since 1825 in a column of returns from -50% to +60%. As you can see, it is a rough bell curve, with 45 of those 185 years falling in the +0-10% column. There are only 5 years each in the 40-50% and 50-60% return columns, and, through 2007, there were only one year each in the -31-40% and -41-50% columns. You can see where 2008 to date falls. – reposted from