Hardcore Christian Christmas Concert

My kid has been hinting to us that we wouldn’t like the upcoming X-mas concert. He knows where I stand on God, Jesus, etc. It can be said now that we were warned! Holy Shit!

A Canadian Elementary School putting on a full X-mas concert all about the “Son of God”. The concert was all about baby Jesus(also mentioned as the lord of lords, the king of kings, the son of god, you get the idea), with songs about God, worshipping the Lord, the king, etc…I was seriously shocked. And even though I run this site, and wear my atheism on my sleeve, I consider myself very tolerant about people’s beliefs. If a local church wants to invite people to a play about their saviour, fill your boots. But, I will always debate people, challenge their un-questioned belief in the invisible man when they push it on me.

This concert was something I would expect to see if I attended Christmas Mass at a local church. NOT IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL!!!! What the hell was the school thinking? I will be writing the school district a letter to complain, and will post my progress. I really want to know why this play is tolerated in a public school that is not supposed to teach children religion.

It was sickening.

Maybe the following pics will lighten up my mood 🙂

The santa one is just tongue in cheek. He is much more fun than God…