$700 Billion Bailout Celebrated With Lavish $800 Billion Executive Party

All these bailout packages are pathetic. Why should taxpayers bail out these companies, allow the shareholders to keep the gains, and tax the loss to everyone else?
If the government is going to bail out the car/insurance companies and fledgling banks, then nationalize the industries, and make the taxpayer the beneficiary of the profits to be gained later on.

At least the Onion keeps me sane with stories like the following in times like these!

[From $700 Billion Bailout Celebrated With Lavish $800 Billion Executive Party | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source]

Adding to the humour for the day is the top 10 list from David Letterman on the top 10 George Bush moments during his presidency…Man, the locked door video made me piss my pants!