Microsoft’s Evil Plan.

I can’t stand Microsoft. I hated them for years when I was a Windows user, and seeing this story, validates my angst!

If you want a future without the bad kid on the block, go grab a FREE copy of Ubuntu. evileditionIt will do almost everything Windows can do(and better), without trying to get every last cent out of you…

And for you Apple readers, Ubuntu works for you too!

Microsoft’s vision of your computing future is on display in its just-published patent application for the Metered Pay-As-You-Go Computing Experience. The plan, as Microsoft explains it, involves charging students $1.15 an hour to do their homework, making an Office bundle available for $1/hour, and billing gamers $1.25 for each hour of fun.

[From Slashdot | Microsoft Invents $1.15/Hour Homework Fee For Kids]

I love the part that this will be good for users! Nice. I would love to pay per minute to use my computer. What fun… 🙂