A posting full of contractions!

I don’t know why I tend to put George Bush and religion together, however today it became clear to me. They are both renowned for blatant contradictions and I don’t trust anyone that believes them to be absolutely true. First off are 101 contradictions in the bible…Shouldn’t be too hard to find them!

[From 101 Contradictions in the Bible – Think Atheist]

Secondly, here is a video put forth by David Letterman on the contradictions of what George Bush promised when elected, and what actually took place.

Lastly, I am surrounded by people that believe in products that detoxify. It frustrates me to no end. You may know people yourself that go on the lemon water honey “cleanse”, or take detoxifying vitamins. Of course there is no science that backs these claims, and the contradiction here is that some of these health products may be bad for you. What a shock.

The researchers warned that, at worst, some detox diets could have dangerous consequences and, at best, they were a waste of money.BBC NEWS | Health | Scientists dismiss ‘detox myth’]

While shopping one day in town, I went into one of those new age stores with lots of crystals, incense, and goddess stock. I overheard the teller saying to one customer that the rock she was about to buy was excellent, because it was calming, helped with depression, and you could even programthe stone with your wishes! WOW!
I laughed quite loudly, and left. 🙂