Canada says it is OK to kill Innocent People

Holy shit. Just the other week, I posted an article on how horrible the USA was by voting against food as a basic human right(see Food is a basic human right). Now, Canada is sticking out like a sore thumb, and is the only country to vote against a resolution to look into the horrible war crimes committed by Israel in the current Gaza escalation.


Now don’t get me wrong, I think the events over there are fucked up, and I can’t begin to understand all of the complexities, but Israel is killing innocent civilians in Gaza(more than 1000 so far), and cutting off all outside aid, water,medicine, etc… to over 1 million people. I also understand that the wording of the draft seemed to favour the Hamas side of events, but why not abstain like most of the European countries and stay neutral? If you pick sides, then you are condoning the actions of that side.

Harper, you and your policies are an embarrassment, and you are making Canada into a USA puppet state. Shame on you. Canada used to be recognized as a peace keeping country. Now we are in a war in a foreign country, fighting against the party that used to rule there, and we think it is OK to bomb UN schools, and entire housing complexes. How far we have come…not.

[From – Canada – Canada votes alone for Israel]