“cdesign proponentsists”=brilliant!

The other night my wife and I watched a great show on Nova about the Intelligent Design movement and their attempt to be added to the science classroom in the States. Oh how they failed!

cdesign proponentsists is a brilliant transitional fossil between the creationists and their re-branded intelligent design that was un-earthed during the trial. I almost cried, it was so beautiful.

Maybe I waste too much time dwelling on the creationist movement, but I do get a chuckle from their lame understanding of the scientific method and what a theory is. I am sure you have heard the term,”evolution is JUST a theory”. Yup, me too…

If you missed the program, here is a link to the NOVA page so you can watch all 12 chapters.

Intelligent Design on Trial

Perhaps we should just ignore them, and they’ll go away? Probably not. They are conspiring every Sunday to convert everyone, just like my son’s old daycare provider. 😉