5 Ways People are Trying to Save the World

It must be a fatal flaw that I question almost everything. It gets me in to trouble(especially at work), but in the long run, I believe I am more informed because of it!
Cracked.com seems to question everything as well. Here is a post on the 5 ways people are trying to save the world, but are failing.

5 Ways People are Trying to Save the World

Here are some of my blog posts over the last year on the topic…

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    1. This is the 1st time I have had a comment that goes to the heart of Larrinski! Back in my college days me and my roommates used to throw great themed parties. Our 70’s parties got a little wild, and my persona was Leisure Suit Larry. Being Polish in heritage, I came up with Larrinski as my persona. There you have it! Thanks for the comment, and anyone checking out the comments, go check out cubicpolitics!

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