Stephen Harper is evil? He’s trying hard

I can’t stand our country’s leader. He is a baby Bush, and his leadership has changed Canada from a neutral country to a militarist regime by our standards. And, our opposition parties are doing nothing to get rid of this crook.harper_is_evil Here is an article where Harper says that he will back Israel in an attack against Iran.

Here is a subjective list reposted from Reddit on Harper’s record.

As a Canadian who has been opposed to Harper and his ‘ideals’ since he gained a ‘minority’ government in Canada, I would personally like to thank who ever posted this article.

It can only help to serve removing this dangerous and idiotic man and his retarded rhetoric if we continue to expose his public doctrine.

He has opposed environmental progress. Canada was the only country to refuse any progress made at the UN sponsored Bali conference on the environment one year ago.

He allowed Canada to be the only country to reject the wording by the UN on admonishing Israel for it’s harsh attack during this past war on Gaza.

He has stood at the forefront to expand deregulation.

He has increased the power of corporations and the subjugation of the masses with expansion of the migratory workers program.

He has a purely ‘christian’ view of life for all in Canada. He believes in ‘family values’ which is to say, his values.

He is on record making racist comments, following the 9/11 attacks, as opposition leader, he said in parliament that all foriegners to Canada represent a terrorist threat.

He believes getting tough on crime means anemic increases in mandatory sentencing.

He believes and had stated that if he were PM during the beginning of the Iraq invasion, Canada would have joined.

He believes drug intervention centres such as the clinics found in Vancouver are ‘evil’.

He has tried to sneak in a classification for clean pristine lakes in Canada to quietly be turned into toxic mine tailing ponds, until the CBC found out and exposed him.

He took Canada’s WTO ruling in favor of unfair trade practices by the US in regards to our softwood lumber and through it out the window in the first week of his taken power so as to look friendly and partisian to Bush.

He has tried to hand over controlling power and interest in ‘alternative medicines’, ‘herbal based research’ to big pharma with the failed introduction of bill C51

He has single handedly allowed Canada to revert back into a ‘resource based’ economy.

He has completely ignored all green powered research and innovation.

He has attempted to take advantage of his position by attempting to change ‘law’ that would have seen the complete erosion of public funds for ‘all’ opposition parties, (with the exception of his party) to use in campaigning and PR.

This man is as ‘evil’ as a leader can get…the most atypical kind. The one that no one reads anything about, so he can continue to deface and twist democracy to his liking.

My expressed hope is that you all upvote this article, so that more people can read of our ‘shame’.

This is the only way that most ignorant Canadians will pay attention and decide to do something about this horrible leader and the smudge he makes on all of us.