Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-06

  • Lady enters herself into mother of the year contest by showing up at school drunk to pick up kids. #
  • Top of the mornin’. #
  • @MrSocial Toasted Cheese and Twitter… in reply to MrSocial #
  • We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office
    –Aesop (~550 BC) #
  • Hilarious Darwin’s Theory in Action found on Stumbleupon! #
  • #lastfm #love 298 Kg by Orange Goblin #
  • Interesting article on the state of human fertilized eggs in North Dakota. #
  • Half way through the day, and finally saying hello! It’s busy for a Monday… #
  • Slashdot has uncovered man’s greatest mystery. Belly lint. #
  • The cops are now calling tazers “conducted energy weapons”. #
  • An interesting article on how remaining workers are handling the stress doing the work of two. #
  • I have decided that my TV could die, and I wouldn’t miss it! Man, cable sucks… #
  • Everyone at work is freaking out about the f*cking bachelor! Why do people get so worked up about stupid sh*t? #
  • Reading my last tweet, it made me LOL! Sounds like I am getting worked up at people getting worked up! #
  • Top 12 myths of Linux. Use them at your debate with a Windoze user. #
  • Pirate Bay King Kong Defence. 1st I heard of it. Good one! #
  • @boutiquemac Nice mobileme presentation by john Faires tonight at Cowmug! Thanks. #
  • #lastfm #love The Bottle by Hermano #
  • Who is Vassilis Paleokostas? The Greek Robin Hood. His story —> #
  • #lastfm #love Die vier Jahreszeiten by Antonio Vivaldi #
  • Just saw my very first crack zombie! She was scary! #
  • @pennjillette Happy Birthday to the best atheist, bull shit magician around! in reply to pennjillette #