g0d made women’s clitorises to apologize?

***UPDATE – Looks like going back to friendlyatheist.com, they have determined that this is a satire. Boy, I must have a dry sense of humour to have not picked it up… I now give this video WAY more credit! Well done!!***

Over at friendlyatheist.com, comes this fucking hilarious video made by some crazy christian trying to make a point that gay(male) sex is wrong because it can hurt, but it is OK for women to be in pain during vaginal intercourse, because g0d made them for men’s pleasure. What an idiot. I hope he becomes a spokesperson for the christian movement! He seemed stumped however on the topic of lesbians…He can’t quite figure out why a woman would want to have sex with another woman… I think it is to avoid men just like him!!!

I was horrified, and amused all at the same time…