2010 is here!

Hey there everyone. Welcome to the New Year! Despite all the conspiracies, the world hasn’t ended…I guess we have to wait until 2012.

The site has been neglected for quite a few months due to big changes going on in my life. My goal is to get back to doing blog updates with interesting stories and funny pictures as I come across them, just not as often as I used to.

Please feel open to leave comments and suggestions! Unless you are blatantly racist, a spammer, or threatening, I approve all comments…

This winter has been a warm, wet one on the West Coast. In fact all over the globe weather is not normal…Britain is frozen, Australia has had the highest temperatures on record, and yet there still is plenty of denial of global warming.

Here is a nice Global Warming Archive site for you to check out…


I just read this article on Rape Victims Vs. Prison Rape Victims. I think the ad campaign is bang on…Rape is horrible, whether you are a victims inside or outside of prison…It is sick that people joke about what happens in prisons. The Sexist