The 5 Things I liked Best Today

So, I have been trying to get my oldest son to think more positively and come up with 5 things he liked best about his day. On shitty days, I really need to do it too. So, without further ado:

  1. I play around with various Linux Distros on a weekly basis. Ubuntu, Linux Mint(my fav right now), PCLinuxOS, Fedora Core, just to name a few. I love custom looking OS’s. Here are 15 really nice ones…
  2. I love seeing crazy Christians trying to channel God and convince others of the existence of God. I just loved this video of a valadictorian leading a prayer for a Grad class…haha. You fool.
  3. Sometimes it takes reading stories like this to make me realize that I am not numb, and I care about people. I think it is fucked up that this lady is going to jail for life for making a 13 year old boy touch her boob. Wrong yes, but give me a break. Hell, when I was 13, I would have given my left nut to touch a boob…
  4. I love seeing postings of really bad tattoos! Just love it.
  5. I am sitting right now drinking a home made brew courtesy of my friend Jeremy. I love his beer! Keep it going bud! Here is a pic of one of his creations…


3 Replies to “The 5 Things I liked Best Today”

  1. such a great idea! I want to start with the Best 5 list, and yes it would be my first list. I’ll catch onto the idea sooner than later…….

  2. Haha yay I helped make your day better! Wicked awesome. Plenty more where that came from. I made 3 IIPA’s just for you and I to sip on. They will be ready around the end of the first week in June.

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