GTD with Nozbe (via Inspiration and productivity)

Here is a blog post that builds on my article about Nozbe. One of the issues with using Nozbe up til now was what to do with all those single action tasks that have no project to attach to. They were cluttering up my inbox…As the article suggests, just create a new project with a name that you put them all in. I use “pending”, but anything will do!

GTD with Nozbe Today I found a little gem in my inbox from a reader named Daniel who posed me some interesting questions via the comments on this blog. He says he’s ‘dating different GTD apps’ in search for the perfect one — which may not even exist. True that! Daniel loves the Evernote/Nozbe integration though, like I do. I’m going to answer his questions about GTD … Read More

via Inspiration and productivity