Which huge un-reachable corporation should I blame?


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This evening I noticed a friend of mine calling me on my iPhone. Something was amiss though. His name didn’t show along with the phone number. I though it was weird, but we talked about beer, mountain biking, and his great sex life so I forgot about it. Later my son called from his mom’s number. The same thing happened. I looked in my contact list on the phone that syncs with Google Apps, and noticed all my contacts gone! WTF? Do you get that paniced feeling when 400 carefully detailed contacts just goes missing? Ya, me too…

So, now I had a technology problem to fix…Something, that truthfully I enjoy doing most of the time. I tried to check my gmail(google apps) e-mail on my iPhone to see if it was still working. No luck. It was kicking up for an incorrect password. So, I restarted my account, then I tried removing it, then tried to do the hard reboot, and then the thought crossed my mind that maybe I was drunk or something and I had forgotten my most important password that I must have entered 10,000 times! I desperately logged into Lastpass and made sure…Fuck. I hadn’t forgotten it. Good news, as I worry that Alzheimer’s will hit me suddenly one day and maybe today was the day… I was stuck.

I got home and had a few chores to attend to, but was itching to get to fixing this problem. I re-synced the phone with iTunes, checked that my contacts were safe online, etc…All was safe. I breathed a sign of relief.

Then, I went to The Google. No luck. No one posting the same problem in the last hour somewhere in the world?

I am screwed right now not being able to sync my account with my iPhone. What is the big deal? Well, let me tell you, my friend.

I DON’T KNOW WHO TO GET MAD AT! Is it Apple for all of a sudden not working as I expect from them? Isn’t their motto, that it ‘just works’? Well, fuck you, it is not working. Is it Google? Did they do some stupid server upgrade and nuke my account on my iPhone? Seems fine on my laptop, but my phone…not so much. Is it Microsoft? It is all supposed to work because of Mr. Gates Microsoft Exchange Server. I already hate Microsoft, so it is super easy to blame them. Is it Bell, who I pay through the nose for this shiny device that I rely on like toilet paper when I’m in the bathroom? I am looking for someone to blame but have no one…

This got me thinking. I can’t contact any of them. Have you or anyone ever contacted one of these enormous companies to get help when the device relies on such a complex interaction between all these global corporations? Seriously? I realize that I and many of you rely on people complaining online about their problem to other equally desperate people and seeing if their solution works for me.Forums, blogs, google searches, porn sites. Ok, maybe not porn sites…

Are we in an age where we rely on these huge companies to help us keep track of our lives, but have no means of actually owning or controlling that information? I have been guilty of laughing when I see someone grabbing a small address book with handwritten phone numbers on them from their bag. Same goes for the seniors with their cheque registers. Who writes down how much money they have? Not anyone I know. But are they the smart ones?

Are we a society now that pays and relies on some trustworthy company(or companies) to keep track of it all for us, and have a false sense of security that when push comes to shove, we get all our lost ‘stuff’ back with a simple e-mail or phone call? I think we know the answer to that question….yes.

Do we blame the companies for our junk not working? We can try, but we have no one to blame but ourselves.