Using Remember the Milk in Linux

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I love Remember the Milk as you may be aware! I use it all the time. At work, home, on my iPhone. Everywhere. I have written a few posts about my GTD journey and ultimate decision to use Remember the Milk as my GTD solution. I have also been transitioning my personal computer to Linux the last few months. I decided on an Ubuntu based OS called PinguyOS. So, I got quite excited to read the following article on how to integrate Remember the Milk into Linux! Here is an excerpt from the post. Coming from the Mac and using Quicksilver, I love that PinguyOS has Gnome Do running out of the box. I absolutely love the Gnome Do RTM plug in! I am installing and playing with it as you read this…

There are great ways to integrate the services of RememberTheMilk with Linux, here we’ll see some:


Remember the milk can export the events in ical format, it’s possible to take an ical address just for a list of task or all of them and set in lighting a new net calendar, just select the ics format and give the url you have copyed from the RTM site, and you’ll see the tasks with due dates integrated in your calendar.

Check also the official guide.


Remember The Milk plugin for Gnome Do indexes the tasks which are stored in your Remember The Milk account. It also allows you to perform basic actions like creating or deleting a task, as well as some advanced operations related to task lists, tags and locations. It requires an available Remember The Milk account and needs to be authorized to access the data.

Read the rest of the article here.

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