Why I switched to Linux

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This post goes into a few reasons I have switched to Linux. I am running an Ubuntu 10.10 derivative called Pinguy OS. There are many reasons why people switch from Windows or OSX to Linux.

Here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. Cost. This is a no brainer. Linux is free. Windows in not. OSX is not…So, if you are a cheap bastard, Linux is right up your alley!
  2. Security. Essentially all the virus panic attacks you hear about online aren’t in existence in Linux. Partially because of it’s unix based underpinnings, and partially because of it’s obscurity…
  3. Choice. You have your pick of hundreds of different Linux distributions(distros). The big ones are Ubuntu, Fedora Core, Mint, Debian, Gentoo. There is an almost unlimited choice of operating systems to choose from based on Linux.
  4. Speed. Linux runs fast on even the oldest of systems. Yes, there are some full featured distros that need up to date hardware to run snappy, but there are multiple different desktops you can choose from to make your old hardware seem new again.
  5. Freedom. Linux is based upon the notion that everyone should have access to the full operating system to tweak and optimize to their heart’s content. Locked down systems like Windows and OSX are controlled by large corporations. Linux is not. Have you ever had issues with old photo or document formats that don’t work anymore? Word? iPhoto? AAC? I have. It sucks. I want to make the decisions about my data and my operating system. I can with Linux.

Here is a well written article by Russell Hollander and his reasons for switching to Linux.

Why I Use Linux | Russell Hollander.


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      If you are the real Henry Rollins from Black Flag and Rollins Band checking out my site, I appreciate your feedback. I would agree that most people wouldn’t care about what operating system I use…
      But I may hazard to guess that you are just some troll that was paid by Microsoft to put negative comments on sites talking about Linux, or you have nothing better to do than piss on the parade…
      Thanks for leaving a comment…If you are the real Henry though, when is the next time you are doing spoken word on Vancouver Island? I missed you the last time you came…

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