My Linux Experience and 2011 Goals

Splash Screen auf "KDE"
Image by Udo Herzog via Flickr

I have been immersed in the Linux environment for a few months now, forcing myself to find a Linux solution for many of my computer related problems. I have been running various Distros for years, but this is the first time that I have not just played with it, but made it my main OS on my personal computer.

There are always problems when switching from one OS to another. I went through this when I left Windows for good in 2003 and bought my first Mac. One of many good things Linux has to offer is that there are 1000’s of applications available for free in some form or another. I run PinguyOS, a derivative of Ubuntu, that is a derivative of Debian,  so I benefit from all the development done and passed down from Debian, Mint, and Ubuntu. That’s a Win-Win-Win!

Installing applications is so extremely easy, and there are multiple ways of installing things(Apt-get in Terminal, Synaptic Package Manager, Ubuntu Software Centre, or even manually compilling and installing for the brave at heart…). I have been sharing a few of my experiences on Twitter, but rarely do I blog about them. I have been enjoying my  Linux journey  so far, and hope to share the good and bad with you this year.

A few of my goals this year around Linux are…

  1. Learn how backup via a network drive. Can’t you just damn well “see it”??
  2. Learn GIMP for my photo editing. Open it EVERY time I play with images.
  3. Figure out how to successfully and repeatedly rip and burn um, backup DVDs.
  4. Find a decent iTunes replacement…Almost there!
  5. Decide if I want to start learning a programming language and what ones are used most in Linux…I really want to…

Here are my most recent tweets about Linux….!/larrinski/status/22099200636362752!/larrinski/status/21976532171890688!/larrinski/status/20351466501836801
(finally getting my sound working after f*cking it up!)!/larrinski/status/19444546588901376!/larrinski/status/15786846395047936!/larrinski/status/15785704277676033

Leave comments about your Linux switching experience! What Distro are you using? What challenges did you face? I’d love to hear about it.


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  1. Hi larrinski! Nice blog you have here, and great goals for 2011. Look forward to your input @ the Pinguy OS forums.

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