Do you use text editors? I LOVE them

Vim (text editor) in a terminal emulator, with...
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I have a small secret I want to share with you. I absolutely love text editors and fixed width fonts. I am a nerd. I fully admit it and I  really don’t know why I love them so much. It is probably a reminant of my first experience with computers back in the 80’s. My parents bought me a Commodore 64. I played some of the games, but tried to program on the command line. To this day wish I had joined some sort of computer club and kept up with it. I’d probably be a millionaire…

Later on I used Pine as my first e-mail application. One of the first things I install on any computer is Alpine. I just love it…It’s fast, efficient, and there is no clutter or advertising, and uses very little system resources.

When I converted over to OSX, I messed around in Terminal and took an online course to learn vi(vim). I fell in love with it. I use vi all the time to write notes, to amend system files and preferences.  I also use it when I get the urge to learn programming. I used it when I took a couple of courses on HTML and Perl. As an aside, if you have Terminal on your system, type in vimtutor and take the beginners course.

There is a MASSIVE online debate on the best text editors. I warn you to never get into a debate with someone about whether vi or Emacs are the best. It is much like a debate on which came first, the chicken or the egg. It eventually degrades into a flame war. People get hurt, and some even cry.

Here is a great list of tons of various text editors that run in the graphical and text based interfaces.

Sadly text editors are becoming a thing of the past. Or, should I say, most people that get introduced to computers have never even heard of text editors! I would guess that many people think Word is a text editor. So, today when I read an article that you can turn your Google Chrome browser into a text editor, I thought, Cool!! Here is the link to how to do it…

Turn Google Chrome into a Text Editor with Write Space – Linux Magazine Online.

What text editor do you use? I’d love to hear! Don’t be shy, leave a comment.