US Government Subpeonas @Wikileaks followers data from Twitter

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I feel a bit angry.

I am not one for feeling threatened by doing completely LEGAL things like having an opinion. The US government has subpeoned Google, Twitter, and Facebook for user data relating to anyone related to Wikileaks. Is following someone make you related to them and a suspect of a crime? Honestly, I read 1984 a long time ago, but this is getting ridiculous. Since when does agreeing with a news organization releasing stories about corruption in government make you a target of the courts?

I think a lot of my feelings around this stem from my student politics past. I have a hard time accepting people overstepping their authority and clearly the US government is doing that. Scare tactics? You bet.

I still feel that releasing the cables will inevitably make for more accountable government. So, support Wikileaks. Be proud to stand up for honesty, accountability, and justice for the wrong-doings of a few corrupt governments and their leaders…

Here is the site you can go to to support Wikileaks.


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