Instagram makes even the worst Photographers Look Good

Instagram logo
Image by AleksGrynis via Flickr

Today, I want to share an iPhone app that I love!

I am not the greatest photographer. I probably take 1 good picture out of 10 shitty ones. The thing I like about is all the filters I can apply to a picture with the touch of my finger to make an average photo look stunning!

There are things about I am not fond of like not having an album view when you log into their website. I would like to have a cloud based backup of all the pics. Instead I back them up from my iPhone directly to Shotwell Photo Manager, but I figure if I am linking everyone to their site to view my picture I should be able to sort, delete, and manage all the pictures in one place…Another is the limited filters they provide. I would love to add additional user submitted filters, or even purchase ones from is free for the iPhone.

Here are some of my recent pics! Enjoy. 🙂