First Post from on my iPhone

Today was a crappy snow day around my neck of the woods. I haven’t had power, water, or been able to get more than 500m down my road in my car for 24 hours. Pretty crappy for a kid from the suburbs! We luckily have a wood stove, some Starbucks Via, and a BBQ for some hamburgers.

This year I’ve got a goal of a post a day, which so far has been going well. I hadn’t taken into account that there may be days that I may not have access to my computers!

Good thing has a few different ways to post to one’s blog. I figure that since this exercise is a way to challenge me to write more, I might at well use each and every method over the year!

Today I am posting from the iPhone app. Not that I was expecting to, but now that my fiancee and I have drained the remaining power from our laptops, and we still have no electricity, Internet, and our coffee grinder is not operating, I am down to my desperate last options. Luke warm tea, and my iPhone. “There’s an app for that?” Yup. The app. You can post to your blog, edit them, approve comments, write or edit pages. Tons of things!

This year I have a lot on my plate. Getting married being the biggest one. The next being to finish Stever Robbin’s book, 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More and write my review. šŸ˜‰

There are a couple of other ways to write a post that am looking forward to trying out. You can email it in, and the coolest way is to phone it in! I can’t wait to see how that works…so as the need arises, I will post about my experience using them.

Well, off to stoke the fire and pretend I live in the 19th century, with an iPhone…