Not using Twitter? Maybe you need to rethink it…

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It is funny how we use online technology. When I started using Twitter again, I thought it was going to be a medium to promote my blog, and post some funny things I find now and again. I have found I am using it as one of my main ways of staying up to date on world events, technology, and well, almost anything that interests me. Everyone is on there! Um, not anyone I know, but everyone else!

I save about 20-30 articles throughout my day to read later. They range from linux articles, command line tips, current events, catchy sayings, keeping up to date on GTD, stalking famous celebrities, and finding funny pictures on Reddit.

Remember the Milk even lets you tweet your reminders! Check out how it’s done here…

I have heard from many of my friends and family, that they just don’t understand Twitter. Here are just a few of the articles I came across recently that caught my attention.!/PinguyOSForum/status/25413960643649536!/omgubuntu/status/25517578239606784!/redditfeed/status/25499619949547524!/Lifehacker/status/24909549358022656!/Ubuntuka/status/24533876105809920!/larrinski/status/25369954761052160

Still don’t get it? I would have to go to SO MANY different web sites manually or scroll countless articles in Google Reader and it would take me so long to do it. I can search by hashtags (#), save searches to come back to later to see new content, and follow pretty much anyone I find interesting. I can even get conversations started with people that in real life I wouldn’t get the chance to meet. I talked to a CFO of a French corporation one time assisting him with finding my RSS feed for my blog. He messaged me on Twitter. That made me realize that I had forgotten to include my RSS feeds on my main page!

If you just say, I’ll wait for my morning paper to be delivered or watch the 6 o’clock news, then I the following video will make you laugh… I #LMAO. 😉

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