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Yes, and yes. lol. I have a lot on my plate nowadays to be honest. By the time I have the kid(s) in bed it is approaching 9pm and my fiancee and I open up the laptops and attempt to zone out for a couple of hours before bed.

However, the internet is a major distraction. I check my email, start up a chat with someone, catch up on all my Twitter feeds, Google Reader, laugh at some stupid video on Youtube. Like this one…Pretty much the best video ever made…I laugh my ass off everytime.

See, I got distracted again. Spent 10 minutes over at Youtube…And I still haven’t done my daily blog post!

Sometimes I need a bit of either a kick in the ass, or a fresh idea to get me back on track.
I have wrote before about Getting Things Done(GTD), and I have also been merging some of the key concepts of Stever Robbin’s book 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More. But…

How do I write more?

My luck! A fresh idea posted over at WordPress.com about a Twitter/Facebook group called Silent Writers. They host a Twitter meeting every Tuesday evening at 9PM EST & PST to help motivate and share ideas around writing more, getting over writer’s block, and generally help you feel like you aren’t necessarily alone in your lonely writer’s world. lol.

I signed up to see what it’s like…See you there?


Here is the post that got my attention…
Easily distracted? Having trouble getting motivated? Go silent! | The Daily Post at WordPress.com.