GTDAgenda Split Tasks/Lists/Projects into 3 New Apps

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For those that follow my blog, you may know I use the Getting Things Done system by David Allen to try and organize my personal and business life. There are many different companies that are attempting to get it right by melding on online web interface with mobile access. I received an email recently from the developer of GTDagenda with some upcoming news. Here is what they have in the works!

We are expanding our product line with 3 new products: YouProjects, YouTasks and YouChecks. We’d like to have the best personal-productivity-suite on the web, and we think this move fits perfectly with our goal.

All three new products work on the same infrastructure as Gtdagenda, but they are simpler and targeted for SPECIFIC needs.
YouProjects is Project management with collaboration and email integration.
YouTasks is To-dos/Tasks manager.
YouChecks ia manager for your Routines, or things that must be done regularly.

A quick comparison on all our products can be seen on this page:

I have looked at all 3 apps and I like the concept! Many people aren’t looking for a full GTD solution, or care to implement that system. But there are tons of people looking for a useful ticklist, or want to keep track of various projects. I like youtasks. Making lists is fun, and youtasks is a simple way to keep track of various lists. I wonder if GTDagenda will be making iPhone apps for each of these, or if the mobile interface will be it?

I have commented on GTDagenda in the past. I notice that they have been putting some development effort into an iPhone and Android app. The iPhone app is $3.99, and looks really nice! One complaint I have is that their web interface needs a major update! For existing users, I suppose you are used to it, but if GTDAgenda wants to attract new users, they need some freshing up…GTDagenda charges for their service and has many price points for various needs. I signed up for their free account however I needed more contexts and projects, so I didn’t upgrade.

Great job though on coming up with a full suite of products for various needs!

What GTD solution do you use? If you are a GTDagenda user, are these new solutions useful for you? Do you see yourself using them to simplify the online interface?