Homeopathy: there’s nothing in it Challenge 2011

Let me start by saying that the placebo effect is well known in scientific studies. If you take homeopathic ‘medicine’ and really, truly believe it will work, there will be a very small group that will have some benefits. The same goes for crystals, shamans, aligning your chakras, praying to god. Whatever. If it is working for you, keep doing it. Well, sort of…

Anecdotal evidence can be very powerful. We all hear from people around us about the great effects of some alternative cold remedies, how to lose weight and get healthier by going on the Atkins diet, how praying made a miracle happen, doing a ‘cleanse’ got rid of toxins. The list is endless…

But, I am a sceptic. I have a very hard time being convinced of most things without looking into it more thoroughly. I need to work it out in my head, research it, ask questions. I don’t take things at face value most of the time…I also tend to err on the side of scientific study. I have a lot more um, faith going to a medical doctor to get advice than to an ‘energy healer’…

What I do have an issue with, is when people ignore common sense, scientific evidence, and try to make a profit off of people’s fading hopes. Or if you ignore standard treatments clinically shown to help in the majority of circumstances, and refuse to get your sick children help. In my not very expert opinion, homeopathy is a money making racket and should have warning labels that say that taking sugar pills offers the same benefit…And, don’t rely on it to get you better!

There are a lot more people in the world with more issues with homeopathy than me. So much in fact that they have put a challenge together to attempt to overdose on homeopathic ‘drugs’ to show there is nothing in them of ANY benefit. If they don’t make you better, and they don’t make you hallucinate, then they are pretty much useless.lol.

Here is the website of the challenge for you to check out. http://www.1023.org.uk/about.php

What do you think about homeopathy? If it doesn’t seem to hurt anyone, should no one speak up against it? Or are it’s claims cause for alarm? Leave a comment…

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  1. Fighting the good fight.

    Support of homeopathy requires an ignorance of physiology on even the most amateur level. You should, theoretically at least, be able to use a high school education to debunk it.

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