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A selection of programming language textbooks ...

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I have a weird obsession with computers. I love them. I love Linux. I love customizing my computer.

I have taken a couple of courses in the past. A free online HTML course, and a Perl course at a local college. But, they were just introductions to the wider world of programming languages

The problem I have is that I really don’t know where to start! There are frickin’ TONS of different languages out there. What one makes the biggest bang for your buck? If I learn one, will I have an easy time learning others?

I have been following the LifehackerLearn How to Code‘ week, where they suggest you start with Java. I have started reading C_Programming from Wikibooks. But at the same time I really love using the Terminal, so I’ve started a course on Bash online. Too much at the same time…

So I am looking for suggestions. Anyone?