Did you know Countries can Unplug the Internet?

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Today was a big day! Today Egypt simply unplugged its 80,000,000 citizens from the internet. They did this to try and control a massive uprising and possible takeover of the government. Did it surprise you? It sure did for me.

The internet isn’t supposed to be controlled like that. I can understand why they did it, but will it ever happen anywhere else? Was it the right thing to do? Does a government have a right to make this kind of decision? Aren’t the citizens of a country really the ones that should make this call? Maybe being in a ‘democratic’ society I have no real understanding of global politics and who really pulls the strings…

Many countries censor what its citizenship get to see on their computers. Most countries have filters of some sort. Is it right? I’m not a believer in censorship. Education and awareness should help people weed out what is right and wrong. Most people won’t turn into criminals by reading or seeing things online. But pulling the plug on access to the internet, should not be something that is determined by a country. Internet access should be a international right(would that be a human right?). That way, when corrupt regimes get out of control, people can communicate to get help, organize, and share.

What are your thoughts? Should the internet be a human right? Do you believe in censorship?