Tool 10,000 Days turned up to 11…

10,000 Days
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I had an emotionally draining day. Emotional for a few reasons. Good and bad ones. I thought I’d share my drive home tonight.

After attending a lovely and emotional wedding this afternoon, I really didn’t want to speak. I wanted some silence. Not really silence, but more like getting all the distractions out of my head. Not talk to anyone, and let my brain absorb some garbled up thoughts and feelings.

There is something about Tool‘s album 10,000 Days that seems other worldly. There are times when I just need to put it on. On the way home from the wedding I put on the album, and I cranked it. Really cranked it. So much that as I write this post, my ears are ringing. I didn’t really sing along, so much as absorb the beat, feel the bass, and concentrate on the lyrics, and scream at all the right moments…

The drive is about 90 minutes long, and as the drive progressed I felt a full range of emotions coming out of me. Anger, sadness, joy, love, frustration, hope. I felt in a trance. I don’t remember places I saw on the way home. I remember the feeling of the journey. That is what life is. I think.

Tomorrow, I am getting up very early and going to start my day right. With a coffee, and a hard mountain bike ride. Life is short. Hopefully longer than 10,000 days…


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  1. Well said my friend, I understand those moments in life. This is a difficult time for all of you, never forget that your love and support will mean more to the family than you will ever know! Have a good (injury free :)) ride today and know. I’m here if there is anything you or Em need.

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