What Online Resources do you use to get Content for your Blog?

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Today I was thinking about content for my blog…I thought about what sources I use to collect articles and ideas. But, more importantly, how much of my time is weeding through duplicate data?

Currently I use Twitter as a way up keeping up to date with all the major news sites and blogs I enjoy. I also use it to build content for my site. I float between using Tweetdeck and Hootsuite to display my Twitter lists. I started sorting out the people I follow into various lists so I can get to articles quicker, and not get bogged down in the multitude of Digg and Reddit posts that I love to read for fun. I have a News list, a social media list, a friends list, a Linux list.

But I am also a Google Reader user. I have been using it for years now, and have amassed quite a lot of feeds. I love the ability to star an article to come back to later, email it to someone else, etc…

However, because I used it far before Twitter, I have the majority of my online content streaming through it. I am afraid to start removing sites that I now follow on Twitter…Twitter is far more efficient to stream through content, but I just don’t trust that websites post all their stuff on Twitter. I do for my own site NOW, but didn’t a few months back…What if I miss the best article ever? Can I take that risk?

So, I take twice the time to get through my stuff than I really should. I am curious as to what other people use to research content for their sites.

How do you stay up to date on world events, and things that interest you? What is your main source of content for your blog?