Canadian Bandwidth Throttling to be Reversed. Woot!

Current CRTC insignia
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I must have not been paying attention earlier today, but the Canadian Federal Government is openly suggesting that if the CRTC approves the request of ISPs to limit bandwidth in Canada, they will reverse that decision. Here is the article from the Star about it…

I am not a huge fan of the Conservatives in power here, but if they reverse this decision, I will hate them less. haha.

There has been massive uproar from Canadians. Good! It’s about time because us Canadians seem to not care to speak up about much except hockey and Tim Horton’s coffee(which sucks BTW…). In the era of digital music downloads, online movie rentals, and file sharing, this is a step backwards. I guess throttling Canadians’ porn is a big no no too…Bandwidth throttling in Canada is monopolist, IMHO. Speak up! You can sign the petition via Twitter here