Tonight I test out the e-mail post thingy…

I am on the road this weekend. Away from home. Unfortunately it is sad times for my extended family. Because my focus this weekend is to be there for them, I don’t have lots of time to look up topics for the site, or even to get to my computer to ‘zone out’. So, I am emailing from my iPhone to see how useful blogging by e-mail can be.

One of the reasons Twitter has become so popular is that you can tweet from just about anywhere. For blogging to stay current and fresh, there needs to be an effort by developers to get blogging platforms into the new millennium. When I decided to sign up for the postaday2011 challenge, I did a bit of research into the blogging features that would make blogging easier throughout the year. There will be days like today where I am not living by my regular schedule.

I posted a couple of weeks ago, that I would be trying out all the alternative ways lets me blog. I will be using all of them i’m sure. I get married this summer, and no doubt my wedding day will be a tough one to sit and come up with a post! Maybe I’ll phone it in that day…Keep following my site to see!

I like the concept of emailing in my posts. It feels like a fleshed out Twitter update! Seeing that I have my posts auto-publicize to Twitter, I can see the benefit! If I want to fire off a quick post, it’s as easy as getting to any computer, or even just post from my phone…With e-mail being the primary way people have communicated and written letters over the last 20 or so years, emailing in my post feels very natural…And it probably will for you too.

I use Gmail(Google Apps) for my email, and because it syncs with Google Contacts, I have saved my secret e-mail address there, and simply type in WordPress to get started…

If you are interested in seeing how the feature works, just head here. There are a multitude of ways to customize your posts too. Add tags, delay your post, categorize, and even insert a poll(sorry, not today…).

Have you used‘s e-mail your post yet? Do you use it all the time? When has emailing or phoning in your post come in handy?

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