Why do Athletes Look to the Heavens when they Score?

Rosario & Day
Image by Erik R. Bishoff via Flickr

Tonight I was half watching the Super Bowl. I really don’t know why because I can comfortably say that I hate American football. Let’s just say it’s slow as molasses, and the game seems to be played in between commercials. My 8 year old son and I haven’t ever watched football together, so we laughed as players spanked each other(really, this in necessary?). My boy thought it was downright hilarious that they get a 2 minute warning, and time outs. haha.

But one thing that I noticed today, was how much players pointed and looked to the heavens everytime something went their way. Why? I won’t go into a rant as much as I used to, but it was fucking funny! If there is a god, um, I’m pretty sure he didn’t just help you catch the stupid football and get a touchdown. I am also pretty sure that the quarterback didn’t pray before the game to let god move his arm and throw that perfect pass…If there was a god, and he answers prayers, why is your selfish ass getting yours answered?

If this god was all good and shit, which prayer would you think he would answer? God, help me catch this football on national TV so I can be a star. Or, god, help end poverty and violence.

It is ultra silly. One moment I recall, a Pittsburgh Steelers player gets a touchdown and looks to heaven. But not more than 15 minutes later, they lost the fucking game! What kind of stupid prayer did this player do? Please god, let me get a touchdown, but let the other team win? Get real…

I have friends that hack me for watching real football(soccer), but after today I realize that American football is not a sport at all, so why bother getting into an argument about it? We are not even talking apples and oranges here. American football is a caricature of sport. It is becoming more and more like professional wrestling.

The Super Bowl is stupid. Ok fanboys, flame away…