What inspires you? Let me tell you what inspires me…

Hiking Friends
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Well, yesterday was quite a busy day for the blog! Almost 2,000 hits and tons of comments and encouragement. Thanks!

I went for quite a mountain bike ride and felt quite inspired. But it also got me thinking about what inspires people? Is it one-act of bravery? Someone showing empathy in troubling times? An artist painting the perfect picture?

On Sunday afternoon, I took my 8-year-old and my 10-month-old for a hike up Mt. Doug in Victoria. I put my little guy in a MEC back carrier and we hiked up the ‘goat’ path to the top. It was quite a workout to say the least…We decided to walk down the road on the way back to the van. On the way, we bumped into a little 80-year-old lady walking/hiking up the road! I stopped her, and said, ‘wow, how often do you walk up to the top?’. She says, ‘oh, about 3 times a week.’  Most healthy adults would take about half an hour to walk from bottom to top, and her pace wasn’t nearly as fast. I usually feel inspired when I see how hard someone worked to get to an end result. But with this woman, it was the journey that was so inspiring.

My fiancee and her family lost a close family member this week. When I look at his life, he got the greatest enjoyment from helping and being there for others. He was always there for people.

But, it wasn’t always that way. He struggled like the rest of us to build burnt bridges, to heal wounds. His passion for life, his kids and grandkids, the love and caring he showed everyone, and his ability to accept his mistakes and move forward in new directions,  are a legacy for those that knew him. Cancer took him far too early.

What do my father-in-law and the 80-year-old lady have in common? Life. They represent the struggles we all face. Metaphorically climbing the mountain over and over again. Never giving up. Taking new paths. Silently demonstrating how to successfully journey through life. Giving others that spark to carry on…



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    1. I checked it out. I enjoyed the post…There would be nothing worse than waking up one day and coming to this realization too late…Go out and enjoy life now…

  1. Love your post! I come from Florida, my family and I moved to the country. It’s funny how, living in the city and all the conviences of the city, how we forget to slow down and enjoy life! Since moveing to the country, we have been able to do that, and it’s been awesome!

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