How savy are you to all the Spam,Malware,Viruses out there?

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Over the last few weeks I have been watching quite a few friends and family get caught clicking things they shouldn’t be clicking. My mom hasn’t been on Facebook for a couple of months because they blocked her account after she ‘verified’ her Facebook account by clicking a link in an email. I fixed that for her today. Welcome back mom…

I have seen loads of intelligent friends posting on my profile with great offers of free trips, how to see who is stalking your profile, to sharing a heart wrenching tale of a girl that committed suicide after her dad posted something on her Facebook profile…

Everyone of them got duped. Why? Are people just naive about computer attacks and don’t understand the hell they are about to unleash by clicking ‘that link’? Are people just too trusting with information they get in their email inbox?

I have been online for about 20 years now and the only real threat I’ve seen personally is running Windows. I got hammered too many times when I had gliches with Trend Micro, and MacAfee and opened myself to viruses. Once I switched over to the Mac though, I never had issues. Same goes now that I’m running Linux…Am I just sceptical? Too sceptical?

But even switching operating systems doesn’t stop those times when someone convinces you to click a link, or to see new pictures of Brittany Spears boobs…haha.

If you are unsure of current threats, update your virus software if you are on Windows, and educate yourself.

Here are a few sites with up to date information of current exploits.

What sites or resources do you use to keep up to date on all the exploits? Did you switch to the Mac or Linux because of viruses?

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  1. That is exactly why I moved to a Mac for my personal PC. Although there are several good products out there that can help protect your PC from a lot of the Spyware and Malware.

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