I just activated a new Theme. Um, again. But there’s problems…

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I really like the Duster theme that got launched today, and tried it out right away! I really like the new Featured Post option and the ability to manually add articles to my sidebar that I want to drive traffic to.

But I am having issues with the theme. I am waiting for some help on the WordPress.com Forums(which are excellent BTW), but until I get some answers, I thought I would ask my questions here in case my 4 readers can help. 😉

I added a new Page (Home) and made it a new static page and selected Showcase Page Template. It seems to work as promised except:

  1. I can’t get a featured post to show on the Home page, only my recent posts. The featured post should show above my most recent post, but it’s not there…And, yes I selected stick this post to the front page for one of my featured articles. As well, I selected “Set Featured Image” in the same post. No luck. I’m a dolt.
  2. When I check out my site on my iPhone under the Mobile Site option, my content is gone and “Home” is the only thing showing on the page.

Does anyone know what I’ve done wrong?