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Yes, I’m getting married this summer. Fun! Well sort of fun.

To be honest, planning a wedding with a soon to be bride can be well, challenging. lol. I think a bit differently than her about how ready we already are. We have the hall, site for the ceremony, 1/2 the dress paid for, the rings, a pseudo guest list, some people committed to helping out. We’re good right?

Apparently not.

The little details are VERY important to my fiancee. I can understand, because she will be the star of the show. I’d better keep up with exercising because my heart may just stop when I see her walking down the aisle…

I haven’t been very good at coming up with ideas or helping with the planning. But, I do have a new project! I am designing the wedding website! Yah! Seeing that I have been blogging for the internet equivalent of 50 years, I think it will turn out OK. But I got thinking. This gets me in trouble all the time. In the past, no one commented on my blog, suggested things I should do to improve it, told me to scrap everything and start again, etc…But now, I’ve got to pass my creative work through THE EDITOR IN CHIEF. haha. I am concerned.

Have any of you designed your own wedding site? Any good WordPress templates for Wedding pages? Were you the groom? Are you still married? Just curious…