4 Online Services I Can’t do Without!

In the midst of trying my Moleskine GTD experiment, I have been thinking about my use of technology and the services I rely on heavily. Would I get by without them? Probably. But here are 4 online services I’d have a hard time replacing!

  1. Dropbox. It’s an on-line file storage site that works well on Windows, Mac, or Linux.  You can use it in your browser, and the best feature is that you can install it on your system. When you install it on your system, you can drag important files to it, open files from it, and it acts like any other folder you have. It comes with 3Gb of storage to free, and you get referral credits, so if you refer anyone and they install it, you get bonus storage up to 8Gb! Woot! It works on your iOs and Android devices too, for those times when you need access to a document/picture/PDF when out and about. I also use it to share photos when I have a lot of them, and can’t e-mail them due to size. I upload them to my Dropbox, share the folder, and send the person an email to the folder. They then can sign up for Dropbox too, and download the images. There are hundreds of clever Dropbox uses that have been created, from having all your passwords synced on all your computers, to online Office collaboration and automatic iPhone photo backup. If you have larger file backup needs they have upgrades available too. Go get an account!
  2. Lastpass. My password security was lacking. I used fairly complex passwords on the sites that mattered, but over time as I used more and more on-line sites, I gave up trying to come up with unique passwords, and started repeating. You know you do it too! Lastpass fixes that. You have one Master Password that unlocks your vault and you can create randomly generated passwords for all your sites! I don’t even know 99% of my passwords now. Lock down your on-line presence with passwords like “XnZ09~4io4cQp”…It is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari. Pretty much all the browser out there. Wicked service!
  3. Evernote. An elephant never forgets, so they say. With Evernote you can store notes to your heart’s content so you never need to remember! You can create notes, lists, scan and store PDFs, email backup and pictures. Any scanned PDFs are seachable for the content in the PDF, so if you can’t recall the name of the file, you can search by words in the document. I use it to store all those owner’s manuals, whether electronic, or scanned. Many people use it for research and doing website archives. I like to use it as well to store special pictures I’ve taken on my iPhone just in case my computer or iPhone die. Another useful feature is the ability to forward any email that you want to store or need to work on as part of a project. It saves the email in HTML and you don’t lose the formatting. Go sign up, and never forget!
  4. Remember the Milk. I have come to love RTM. I used to have a problem remembering things because I have so much I need to remember. Something was bound to slip through the cracks. Have you ever gone to the grocery store to pick up something, and half way home you smack yourself in the forehead because you just remembered you needed batteries? Your brain was thinking about the ingredients to the salad, not batteries. If this is you, sign up for Remember the Milk! Store everything that comes to mind there. It becomes extremely useful if you can install it on your iPhone or Android phone, so when you get to the store, you can look up the things that weren’t on top of your mind.

That’s it! 4 very useful online services that are a must for me…


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  1. I just got evernote: but learning how to use it is a change. Ugh. Well, I have a problem: gmail: I use Cricket for a wireless internet connection: and gmail will only load HTML format. I have google chrome too. When I open Emails: I have to save each little file to ALL MAIL folder: whereas with not HTML I can hit several at a time and put into a folder I have designated. Does any of this make sense? Please help me? Jackie

    1. That is strange! I would try to run Gmail in Firefox to see if it does the same. I have read that it may be an Adblocker extension that may be causing the problem. Try disabling Adblocker and reload.
      I typically have two browser installed. The latest Firefox and Chromium. If one is not working, I load up the other one to see if I can repeat the problem…
      Hope that helps!

  2. Hello Pakos,

    I wanted to ask something not related to this topic. I’ve noticed you use TypeKit fonts on your blog. In the down-right corner there is a TypeKit logo, which leads to http://typekit.com/colophons/ekb1ipv

    However, Choco Theme is not listed as supported on the TypeKit webpage. How did you do it? 🙂

    I’m asking this since I’m also using Choso theme and would like to do the same — use TypeKit fonts. Thanks!

  3. Sad to say, but the TypeKit font on the page is a pipe dream for me too…I have got the fonts I want to use ready for a day when my theme will support them.

    But then again, I seem to change my theme ALL THE TIME, so I’m sure some theme I’ve used in the past now supports my fonts…

    Thanks for checking out the site, and leaving a comment. 🙂

  4. I got it then — you singed up for TypeKit and got the free fonts for 10 WP themes which they support (Coraline, Kubric… there is a short list on their website). When you used one of the supported themes, WP placed a small TypeKit icon on your page which stayed there (“free TypeKit pack”), even, though, you are now not using TypeKit fonts. Or you are?

    However, WP supports some 60 themes and TypeKit supports only 10 of those (the oldest — which I just don’t like).

    Question is — DO you and CAN you use your TypeKit fonts with CURRENT theme Choco — or not?

    Thanks for your input & for the lovely site ;-).

    1. You are absolutely correct. I can’t use typekit fonts with my current theme Choco. I just have the icon on my site from a time it did work for me with another theme…

  5. Thanks for your help! 😉

    p.s. Choco is my first theme, I’m fully new to WP. Is there some other theme you would recommend, since you said you were a theme-switcher?

    1. I really liked Koi and Twenty Ten, and may use Duster a bit more. I like Duster’s ability to have a Showcase page with a Highlighted post. Twenty Ten is very popular which is good if you have issues or questions.
      I would play with the preview feature to see how your blog looks before activating it…Searching by recently added or popular can show you what may have the newest features or are liked by other bloggers.
      Welcome to WordPress!

  6. Oh no! I have no idea how many times I have promised myself to not sign up for any more stuff (online services) and broken them 😦 I have RTM opened in a new tab and…I’m thinking (which is never a good sign!!)

    I’m wondering if it will be a good tool though to keep track of things to do in the future and if it can be shared with a couple of other people as well….

    Hmm…..oh well….some promises are meant to be broken – repeatedly 😉

    1. RTM is the best tool out there in my opinion for keeping track of things to do. You can’t share your account unless you share your password, which is not a great idea. The other people can sign up themselves and then you can share individual tasks with them. A great collaboration tool! I do this with my fiancee. She asks me to remind her about some upcoming task because she’s to busy to put it in her calendar, so I add it to RTM, and remind her via sharing the task at a later date…

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