Can we possibly keep up with the Speed of Modern Technology?

Compact Disc player carousel for three CDs.
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What will be the next big thing? The Facebook killer? The iPhone killer? The MySpace killer? Oh, wait MySpace is dead…

I read articles all the time about the death of some site, technology, OS, or gadget. It seems just like yesterday that the iPod came out. Some of the technology that has died I’ve never even heard of!

I went to a concert the other night, and the musician gave me his CD. It was really nice of him. I felt like I was getting a present. But, when I got home, I was like, ‘what am I going to do with it?’. I immediately imported it into my computer to put on my iPhone. CDs are dying. Remember when we complained that cars didn’t have CD players? Now I’m pissed that my cars don’t have iPod docks.

Am I supposed to keep up with all this stuff? The question for me is, can we possibly keep up with the speed of change in technology? I browse RSS feeds daily. Twitter daily. I get emails from sites I subscribe to just to keep up with all the changes going on out there. I think I am fairly up to date. But all it takes is one look at the trends on Twitter, or all the different and useful apps on the iPhone App Store to realize that I’m always behind the times. It is impossible!

Technology moves too quickly. And we are all caught up in it. Do I need the newest iPhone? Computer? Browser? No. Remember only 5 years ago how fast browsers were? I thought they were fast. I was told they were fast. Twice as fast as the last browser released a month prior. Same goes with my computer. The newest Macbook Pros are twice as fast as the current ones. Wow. That’s fast. But, I can’t type any quicker, or read web pages any faster.

Does this all come down to the internet being the advertisers biggest wet dream? Faster. Bigger. Longer lasting. Better than before. All pipe dreams.

When does it end? I was telling my son tonight about how I used to do a newspaper route every morning to all the houses in the village I grew up in. When was the last time I even SAW a newspaper deliver boy? 20 years?

With the way technology is going, governments wanting to have instant access to the kill switch, ISPs wanting to charge extra for content that’s not hosted by them, to the US government wanting to prosecute a web publisher for releasing the truth, maybe one day we will want to throw all our gadgets out and go back to reading about world events that happened yesterday, not 5 minutes ago.

Can we keep up? Do we just give in to our Technology Overlords? What are your thoughts about technology?