2 Months Straight…Let’s talk.

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I have been blogging for two months straight today! Big pat on my back. 🙂 I have been blogging for years now, but never everyday…Though nothing like writing a book, I feel like I’ve accomplished a feat that I didn’t know I could do. Much like writing a novel, I’m sure authors have days where nothing comes to mind, and it feels harder than other days. Same thing goes for blogging…Before I’d just give up, and decide to post another day. Now I feel a habit forming. There are some days however, I just stare at the computer hoping some topic pops out and slaps me in the face! So, to go two months without missing a day has me smiling! I understand there are thousands of you out there taking the challenge that are still going strong. Good for you! Keep it up.

I have always had a fantasy to write a novel. In grade 8 I think, my English teacher gave me a glowing review and subsequent A+ for a short essay I wrote. She told me that someday I should be a writer. That has always stuck with me. After taking university English though, I realised that I just don’t have the brain to come up with complex characters, and intriguing story lines. I suppose that if I printed out all my ramblings the last four years, I’m bound to have a novel. What would I name it? The nonsensical Ramblings of an Atheist? I better copyright the title just in case…

One useful and fulfilling thing I am doing more is reading other blogs and leaving comments. I love when people comment on my site. It gives me pleasure to know people actually read and feel compelled to share with me. When does that happen to an author of a book?

I have lots of good intentions to improve my prose, and wander around looking for inspiration. If you are looking for some motivation and suggestions like me on how to write better, check out Catherine, Caffeinated. And, go grab a cup of coffee when you do!(mmm, coffee…) I love the post about Making a Living as a Writer in the 21st Century! It is like the next step that every blogger wishes they would take if they had the time and dedication to get to publishing their very own book. I love the use of technology to promote a modern form of a book. The e-book

Making a Living as a Writer in the 21st Century Last Thursday I spoke at an event in Belfast organized by LitNetNI, Making a Living as a Writer in the 21st Century, along with Eoin Purcell of Irish Publishing News and author Carlo Gébler. (If you are one of the lovely people I met that day, well hello there! Remember to drink coffee while simultaneously reading this blog for maximum effect.) My presentation was called ‘A Year in the Life of Catherine, Caffeinated’ because I wanted to show how … Read More

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  1. Nice post. you echo what so many of us feel. I’ve been at it longer, but no less enthusiastically. I split my posts between my passions–technology, writing and science. No–I don’t post each every day, but at least a few every day. Fun, hunh?

    1. I have ebbed and flowed with the post consistency for years. It has worked for me to be part of the challenge. My next milestone will be my 500th post. Coming up in a month or so.
      Thanks for checking out my blog, and leaving a comment! If I had brownie points to give out, you’d get a bunch. 🙂

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