How is Blogging similar to being a Radio DJ for me?

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Why did I get into blogging anyway? Not to be famous, that’s for sure!

I haven’t ever put too much of an effort(as you can clearly see, lol), into promotion. I have checked out all the articles by problogger and have googled the topic more times than I can count. I have a career, family, mountain biking that can’t be ignored, and a friend. Ok, I lied about the friend part…I just don’t have the energy left in my day to seriously promote the site.

I started because I really wanted to just share funny or interesting stuff I found on the internet. With who I don’t know. Maybe that one imaginary friend of mine! I wanted to get better at articulating my thoughts. To feel like I could write something other than gibberish. I knew I loved to use computers and technology(because I have an addiction to them), and share with others. I also had a secret fantasy to become a writer. Looking back at my first posts(they are there if you search the archives), I don’t understand half of what I was trying to get at. Have I gotten better at writing? I think so.

This reminds me of when I was a radio DJ. I didn’t get into it to be famous, or get laid. My motivation was to overcome panic attacks I would get when speaking in front of groups of students in class. it worked. I used to pretend that no one was listening to me. It was probably true! I wasn’t the best at it, and it was a university radio station that pretty much only broadcast on the campus. I lived this little fantasy of speaking to no one, until one day the phone rang! I had a listener! And they were requesting a song.

All of a sudden I had people giving me feedback and wanting to participate on my radio show. I started getting requests on a regular basis. I surprisingly started enjoying my DJ gig much more. Isn’t that just like comments on a blog?

I don’t think I would have ever started blogging or even getting into radio if my focus was promotion or becoming famous. Way too scary for me! At least to start. New bloggers are always asking for advice on how to get people to check out their site and get more traffic. My suggestion is to start with being consistent, responding to comments on your site, and the traffic will come. It did for me…

Because my goals in blogging were to share stuff and write better, and my goal in radio was to not have panic attacks, I feel successful at what I have accomplished. Not too lofty of a goal. Just small steps along the path to personal achievement.