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When I signed on for the Postaday2011 Challenge, part of me wanted to see if it would bring more traffic to the site. Some people like to be creative in private, but let’s be honest here. Bloggers want to have people check out the site. I have had 5 different domains in my time to try to attract visitors. I tried a tech blog, atheist blog, and the majority of the time, a Ramblings blog. I have never been good at running multiple blogs at the same time.

One of many things I have learned over the years, is that visitors will come to the site if there is content! No content, no visitors. Kind of obvious, isn’t it? How does one fix this?

The big secret that everyone will tell you about blogging is be consistent. The most successful bloggers(and I’m not one of them) have 1) consistent content, and 2) post on a regular basis. Consistency meaning sticking to a consistent theme or topic, and consistently posting to the blog. I am not very good at keeping to one topic, so I don’t ever expect to be one of the big sites. I just enjoy chatting about too many things to stick to one thing and get good at writing about it. I am getting better at posting all the time though! Every day in fact.

I enjoy not being tied to a particular theme.  Less pressure. I had a hell of a time talking about technology when all I was blogging about was atheism! I felt stuck.

So, have I had more traffic from posting everyday? In all of 2010 I had about 17,000 visitors. So far in 2011, I’ve had 8,000 visitors! A MASSIVE jump in traffic!

In January 2011 I was up from the previous 6 months to 2500 visitors. Most months  in 2010 I was getting 1500 to 1700. But in February I had 5350 visitors! The majority of the traffic came because of Fresh Pressed(Thank you!), and Stever Robbins’ tweet on my mini-review of his book. My most visited post is always the post on RTM vs Nozbe vs Nirvanahq. Everyone likes a showdown…

Even taking out the Fresh Pressed anomaly, I am getting 500 to 600 more visitors every month! Woot! This may seem like small peanuts to the big bloggers out there, but I like the increased traffic. I especially like that people now comment on the site, and participate.

I don’t have my comment stats, but if my spam comments are any indication, they are up big time too!

How has Postaday2011 and Postaweek2011 helped you with blogging? Are you getting more visitors? More comments? Is it all just too stressful?

Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.