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I have been slowly deleting RSS feeds in Google Reader since getting more involved with Twitter. Twitter feeds seem to be easy to scan through, and using Hootsuite, I can have a few lists on my screen at one time. I like that. But for some reason, I always seem behind on my news. Why?

The way I figure it, 140 characters has some pluses and minuses. The plus is that it is fast and easy to post anything in your Twitter feed. You can quickly retweet your love and share it with the world! Sweet. But, the minus is that not a lot of content gets into your post. And all my news feeds and people’s quick tweets about their dog, coffee, etc…are getting all merged into a massive mess. I do use lists but seeing that I use Hootsuite I don’t like having to manually go through 5 or 6 different lists. So I only have 2. One for tech, and everything else. But, like I said, I am getting behind on real news…

If I am quickly scanning through hundreds of posts, the more detail I can see quickly the better. Google Reader does a better job of giving me a line by line breakdown of the blog title and a brief snippet of the content within the article. So, I’ve been re-subscribing to all my favourite sites.

Having thought about this a bit, I think I am going to use Google Reader for my news feeds, social media sites, and tech sites. I love all the additional content on Twitter, but all the tweets are getting mixed together with released articles.

I wish there was a way to Tweet quickly from Google Reader if you want to share an article to Twitter.

Do you find Google Reader a better news aggregator than Twitter?

What are your thoughts?


2 Replies to “Google Reader vs Twitter for news feeds”

  1. I actually use (d) Feedly. I *think* its similar to Google reader. For blogs that I want to follow, I just subscribe to them as WordPress is cool like that ! As for real news – I try not to read the news – politics and the human race make me depressed you know? Well, what’s being reported anyways…so would that mean reporters make me depressed??

    I never got into Twitter till I got my htc Android..and now I can’t stop that d*mn thing from twitting all the time! Amazing the number of tweets a single person can make in a day…and multiply that by another 3?

    Oh and completely off topic here..I forgot to congratulate you on your coming summer wedding!!! 🙂 Congratulations!!!!

    1. I will look at Feedly. I’ve heard of it before but never checked it out…Much like Twitter for a while. 🙂
      Thanks for the kind words. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. lol.

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