Why didn’t I Jailbreak my iPhone earlier? Wow.

I love my iPhone. But I also hate it. Why do I hate it? Well, Apple tells me what to do.

I’m OK to be told what to do by my boss, my fiancée, the nice police officer that pulls me over for running a stop sign. But not a company that I PAID money to use their product.

I switched over to Linux last year, and have never looked back. I have moved to open source so that if a solution or idea presents itself on the software front, there is probably a developer somewhere making it. And, releasing the source code to help others spread the love.

I regret not waiting for an Android phone in a way, but one thing that Apple is very good at is Industrial Design. I run Linux on my Macbook Pro. A beautiful laptop. Same goes for the iPhone. Beautiful. iOS? Not so much. To clarify, it could have been better. Apple could have opened up the App Store and allowed full customization. But currently, you can’t run flash, you can’t run a different browser, you can’t even change the Message(SMS) tones beyond what Apple wants you to have.

So, it only makes sense that I’d either start to get fed up with the options and interface, or I’d look for a way to improve it. Thanks to Lifehacker, they keep an up to date page with the latest and greatest iPhone Jailbreaks! I’ve been contemplating trying it since last year, and finally last night, I re-read the article about GreenpoisOn, and decided to go for it. It was super easy! The screenshot above is one from my phone. Those colourful lines actually move on the wallpaper. It’s like Tron! One of thousands of themes. The one above is the Ultimate Nexus One Theme.

My initial impression is that a profile should be made of your iPhone and it’s model number should be compared to the apps you are trying to install via Cydia. I tried right away to get the Dvorak keyboard set up, but have had no luck. I even ‘bought’ an app of $1.99 anticipating the purchased version would be fast and easy to work. Not so.

So despite the fact that I absolutely love the open nature of my phone now, I warn others that if you don’t have patience with technology, and aren’t willing to go to forums to get some advice, that you should just stick with the Apple experience.

I enjoy trying to solve problems and customizing my phone, so I’m sold!

What experiences have you had with jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad, other Smartphone? I’d love to hear them…

And, if you have first hand knowledge of how to set up the iDvorak or 5RowDVORAK, please leave a comment! 🙂