Back to the Basics where exercise is concerned

Javier con comba. Javier with skipping rope.
Image by Xosé Castro via Flickr

Today I bought a skip rope. A simple $7.95 skip rope. It sounds so easy. Do a bit of skipping to ramp up your ‘mountain biking‘ cardio and conditioning. I fell for it…

I learned a very tough lesson today. Skipping is damn hard! Nothing like the ‘Skip-a-thons’ I did in elementary school. That was a long time ago for me. lol. I felt so tired, uncoordinated, and out of shape.

I went for an hour ride at my favourite mountain but due to some residual snow, I didn’t get in a full ride. So, I thought I’d just replace the lost 30 minutes with my snazzy new skip rope! Easy right? I was so very wrong.

I lasted maybe 10 to 12 minutes before my calves were screaming for mercy. On top of that, the longer I tried to keep a rhythm, the worse my rhythm got. I read an article on the Pinkbike website of a program to build up my cardio. Very informative, and the video was a good one. I really have work to do! lol.

While I was doing a shitty job at skipping, I remembered the 100 push-ups challenge I saw online a couple of years ago. I can’t do it, as my one shoulder is screwed up, but when we all think of exercise, do we think of the cost? The 100 push-up challenge was free. Skipping. $7.95(or free if you have some rope). Going for a run? Free. Going for a hike. Free.

How about a spin bike? $1200+. A good treadmill. $2500+. Eleptical trainer. $2000+. Boot camp fee? Not cheap.

I don’t know how much gym memberships are now a days, but I am starting to think that going back to basics will make us fitter, save loads of money, and we won’t need to battle for the machines at the gym.

Have you found any good free exercises that work wonders? Do you spend a ton on gym memberships and get no where for fitness?

Have you used skipping in your exercise regime?

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2 Replies to “Back to the Basics where exercise is concerned”

  1. I’ve tried the gyms and the personal trainer thingie that comes with gym membership (for an extra fee of course). It doesn’t work. I’m too lazy.

    I’ve tried the treadmill – twice. Now, it’s there for my 73 year old mom who is constantly worried about her weight! I know she put me to shame!
    I prefer walking compared to jogging or running. At least if it rains or you go shopping it’s considered exercise for the day! LOL!

    I don’t like skipping though, it’s bad for my knees – swimming and yoga though are two that I need to restart.

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