Need Wedding Site Recommendations. Anyone?

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I need to build/set up our wedding website. It is stressing me out. I am overthinking it. Well, I am probably more accurately underthinking it because I really want it to be much more ‘blog’ like than my fiancee does…No surprise there.

If I had it my way, I’d have the site made in ten minutes by adding a page to my site with the bare minimum for details. You know, an RSVP field, a Google Map, and event details. Simple. To the point. But the more information I get on there, the more the page starts to look cluttered.The least a wedding site should be is appealing to the eye…Using my site here is OK, but I don’t want to change the entire theme of my site just because I can’t change the theme of a single page…

I was messing around with Google Sites,but the templates are horrible, and customizing the various pages is not intuitive…

Another imporant thing is putting the link on the invitations. I would like a nice looking link, not some huge long random thing like a lot of sites provide.

With so many details coming up, I don’t want the site to be a huge project. And like much of the other aspects of the big day, I need it to be cheap. Free is best… 🙂

I get some great advice from you bloggers out there, so I put the question to you. If you got married, and you had a wedding website, what did you use? What lessons did you learn?


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    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like the site has some free hosting for 10 days, but packages for longer cost some money. The site looks very iWeb like, much like my first blog!

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