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One thing that people can’t stand, is a liar. When a person lies to you, and you know they’ve lied,  you lose trust in them. Governments and corporations are no different!

The big Wikileaks revelations have been out for a few months now, giving the public an inside look at international diplomacy, and all the backroom dealings of governments and corporations around the world.

Would all this be a big deal, if the public was given the REAL information in the first place? Why must governments or corporations be so secretive? Have we become a civilization that says it’s OK to have corrupt governments…Why is it OK to lie to us, to make more profit? It’s Crazy!

The recent Nuclear Melt Down going on in Japan is a grim reminder of the dangers of lying to the public. Accountable governments should give up to date and accurate information to its citizens. From all accounts, the company that operates the Nuclear Reactor ( The Tokyo Electric Power Company – TEPCO) has been down playing the fallout, and trying to minimize international pressures. Why? They are trying to protect themselves…

They shouldn’t be trying to minimize their corporate reputation at this stage. They need to get people out of there. Telling them about the worst case scenarios, and allowing people to make informed decisions about whether to leave or not. In fact, be ultra conservative where the public is concerned, so that people can trust you. No one trusts them now.

I don’t think it’s the role of a private corporation to inform the public on matters of national safety. Though I may be wrong about the way everything is being communicated there, it seems to me that public officials in the area are getting extremely frustrated with their lack of information from TEPCO.

It sucks that the most accurate information coming out about this disaster is from other countries. How is that possible? If the United States is suggesting its citizens get out of the country, what do they know that isn’t being shared with the Japanese citizens? But in the same breath, the US is saying that their citizens have nothing to worry about, as a radiation cloud approaches California. Is it true? Probably. Are they also down playing possible effects of this?But, can we trust them?

I am not an alarmist. And, most of the time, I’m not a conspiracy theorist(though I love a lot of the stories). I feel like I have been lied to and the general population has been lied to for far too long. The interests of a select few create suffering for the rest.

This is where an organization like Wikileaks, and others like them, may be making strides in making governments and corporations more accountable. Getting the truth out. Exposing corrupt governments. Unearthing illegal corporate practices. And hopefully, creating a wind of change that the citizens of this planet are more important than corporations, share prices, and nationalist interests.

Give the public the truth. Even if it’s scary.