Could you go without computers for a week? Not me…

I will start out by saying that I will not try this experiment! No way. No how.

Stever Robbins’ recent tweet that he went a week without his cell phone or computer is mind blowing for me…There is no way that I could do this without removing myself from my job, house, life…I recall about 2 1/2 years ago I went 2 weeks without any access to a computer while on a trip to Tofino.

I loved the experience, mostly because I was able to remove myself from my hectic life. But, I did feel like I was completely out of touch with what goes on in the world. Is being up to date on world events and things that interest me a good thing? The world would still go around…

I did still have my cell phone, but back then, I didn’t use it as my primary phone. It didn’t have a web browser, texting, games, etc…I made one call a day to my son’s mom to let her know we hadn’t been eaten by bears. That could have been done on a pay phone.

I was able to catch up on books that I had been putting off reading, go for lots of walks, and generally was able to get more accomplished without computers around. Real world tasks.

I admit I use computers much more like other people use TVs. Mindless entertainment. A time waster.

I commend Stever going a week. I am not as strong…


3 Replies to “Could you go without computers for a week? Not me…”

  1. I haven’t actually tried going with the computer, though I use it at work. I was thinking of going for a meditation course where you can bring in anything like cell phones, laptops, even books to read. Just you and your clothes – for 10 days!!

  2. I could not go without a computer for a week unless it was like a 911 or a 411 Emergency.

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