What is the one thing that I HATE about birthday parties?

Evidence that toy manufacturers hate parents
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Today’s post is a short one. But one that brings with it a lot of angst! Here it goes…


What the hell? What are the toy companies trying to protect us from?Are they trying to protect from actually using the damn toy?

The kid can’t play with the toy for half an hour while you find a pair of needle nose pliers to deal with the 6 to 10 twisted wires, and a pair of scissors to cut the three kinds of tape and weird elastics. Then there is the 30 page manual on how to assemble it.

What are we saving by having the toy so secure in the box?

I would pay $5 more dollars for the extra shipping if it didn’t come all wrapped up like some test that needs be passed before the toy can be used…

Got that off my chest. I feel better now…

BTW, thank you Morris for being the de-packaging handyman for the party…


4 Replies to “What is the one thing that I HATE about birthday parties?”

  1. Wow! That must have felt good getting it off your chest! I agree with you though. It’s so complicated that sometimes I think you need to be a qualified engineer to assemble the toys!

    1. Some of the toys are, for sure!
      Most are so difficult to get out of the box before you even get an opportunity to assemble it!

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